Base ATH CS Dolgoe


Base ATH CS Dolgoe, LLC «Gazprom Transgaz Moscow»

Date: 12.04.2015–20.06.2015

Dolgoe, Oryol region

1 298 km of gas pipelines and branch pipelines in one-line calculation

284 MW  — installed capacity of gas pumping units

1 compressor station

More than 1,5 billion m3 per year - gas supply of cities and other settlements of the Oryol region and Volovsky district of the Lipetsk region


In order to increase energy efficiency and energy saving of PJSC Gazprom, the task was to completely modernize the lighting of the long-distance compressor station.


Total installed 1343 pcs. of LED light fixtures manufactured by Proton JSC, including explosion proof.


310% reduction of power consumption for object lighting.

153 kW before upgrade, 49 KW - after upgrade.

Significantly improved lighting of the long-distance compressor station internal premises, the territory and perimeter.

5480 m2 - the total area of lighting.

More than 1300 energy-saving LED light fixture manufactured by Proton, including explosion-proof.

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Customer opinion

Evgeny Smirnov
Deputy of General Production Director

For the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Program purposes of PJSC Gazprom in 2017. Your company completed the modernization of lighting for long-distance compressor station. Supplied more than 1300 energy-saving LED light fixture manufactured by Proton, including explosion-proof. The lighting consumed power of the object before the modernization was 153 kW, after - 49 kW, as a result, the power consumption decreased by 3.1 times. Significantly improved coverage of the compressor station interior, the territory and the perimeter. The luminaires showed reliable and stable work, with no failures, it is necessary to note the flexibility of the technical policy of Proton JSC and professional potential and competence of their staff. According to the operating results of light fixtures at compressor station, the LLC «Gazprom Transgaz Moscow» recommended cooperation with Proton JSC as with a reliable manufacturer.