JSC «Balakovo-centrolit»


JSC "Balakovo-centrolit" is the largest manufacturer of parts for freight railway transport.
The enterprise is located: 10 Saratovskoye Highway, Balakovo, Saratov Region, Russia.



The illuminated area was: 18 m wide and 12 m long.
The task of Proton JSC was to minimize the cost of electricity in the workshops with innovative LED light fixtures, instead of fixtures with lamps “DRL-1000”.



As a solution, engineers of Proton JSC offered light fixture “Lyumen-4”.



The power consumption of the old fixtures: per hour - 8 kW / h; per shift - 72 KW.
Power consumption of Proton JSC light fixtures “Lyumen 4” (SPSR-V-220-036-H-NF1 modification): per hour - 1.92 KW / h; for a shift - 17.28 kW.
As a result, the energy savings of the production for a shift is 52.74 KW.


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